I’m So Back!


After two years of silence, I have decided to make my blog “alive” again. Things get busy over the past years that’s why I haven’t had any new posts. I’ve been very focus into work and had no time updating this. Good thing is that I think I improved a lot as a person. I think I can now handle things maturely – how to deal with it, and how to take it simple. <to be continued>


Missing You


Gone all the days when I was with you.

But those were kept here as I live life through.

You’re always on my mind that sticks like a glue.

From morning til night I’m yearning for you.

I tried to avert my thoughts and attentions too.

But nothing has change no matter what I do.

Here I am alone thinking of you.

It’s driving me crazy  coz I’m missing you.




There are words, I want to write.

This word, I want to express.

This feeling inside that I can’t hold tight.

Hoping for your sweet caress.

You know how it hurts,

Seeing you with someone else.

It tears me apart.

Broke my heart into pieces.

Leaving me into skeptic.

Imagining things that are impossible to be.

Asking questions in my mind,

It’s you and only you that can answer.

Letting you go make me less,

Coz’ you are my beginning and my end.

I know the imperfection of this love is,

But love that will last is the love that can never be.

By: sphlerx 🙂