I’m So Back!


After two years of silence, I have decided to make my blog “alive” again. Things get busy over the past years that’s why I haven’t had any new posts. I’ve been very focus into work and had no time updating this. Good thing is that I think I improved a lot as a person. I think I can now handle things maturely – how to deal with it, and how to take it simple. <to be continued>


Missing You


Gone all the days when I was with you.

But those were kept here as I live life through.

You’re always on my mind that sticks like a glue.

From morning til night I’m yearning for you.

I tried to avert my thoughts and attentions too.

But nothing has change no matter what I do.

Here I am alone thinking of you.

It’s driving me crazy  coz I’m missing you.



It’s not really my habit editing photos. There’s just some times where looking at edited photos amazed me. I love the way how the editor transforms a simple picture into something that is very cool to the eye. And that urged me to do editing on my own.

I’m actually currently enrolled to a short-term course called Adobe Photoshop. From the start of the class, the basics where not really new to me because I edit photos before courtesy of some alternative photo editors online and offline. I’m talking about the tools, types of it and how it should be used. As another Photoshop features were introduced, there’s this idea popping up my mind on where I should apply it. The hard part there is that on how I am going to use it given that I will end up to something I desire. It’s hard to the point that though you know how to use those tools, you still have to think of what pictures to use and how you are going to blend it in, in order for the outcome to be satisfying. Well, good thing there are tutorials on the web where all you have to do is to follow the steps written there. The tutorial provides you the things to use for that certain feature. So, all you have to do is not to get lost as the tutorial sometimes is a bit confusing for beginners. You just have to handle things like that and if still confused, use some alternatives. Meaning, your outcome still depends on you though guides were given. The very good thing when you’re a beginner is that, if you will end up something you really want to, the next time you do it will then follow smoothly with the feeling of excitement and curiousness on what else you can do. Sorry for me because, my works so far was just good but not that much.

Well, I wont quit while the opportunity is there wishing one day, photo editing is just a click away. BOOM!


What Makes a Post Freshly Press-able? Los Rodriguez Life


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Samsung Galaxy Y

This is the very first thing I bought since the start of the work with my boss until now. It comprises a great value to me because it reminds me how I strive before just to have a job both online and offline. And when I have this online job, it is really on my plan to buy this. I have  another phone right now but I would not put this phone into no use.



I finally have it! Actually, I got my laptop last February and paid it full recently this week. I have no plans at first, but then I realized I have to buy something for my own as a reward. I don’t really expect to have this stuff. I’m just so lucky enough to have my job now and buy those things I dreamed before. It’s been seven months I have it. And I really loved it!